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Just got the IE80s off Amazon, have been running them for about 25 hours for burn-in via Spotify. Despite this, I did listen to them about 15 hours in and with every single stock tip, I would have to use my fingers to push them so they angle more towards my eardrum and this is when the bass would really come to life, otherwise, they are all treble and quite tinny sounding. What would be some good tips to recommend for me for this problem? 


Also, just a quick secondary question, I noticed that the highs were very harsh when I would listen to music at a higher volume when I really want to get into it. This was 15 hours in to burn in and I plan on keeping them burning in for a total of 60 hours or so, is there a chance the highs will be less harsh then? Note that I am directly plugged in to my laptop, not via any amp as I am at my secondary home and my FiiO amps are at the other house.



Thanks a lot guys!