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RA-1 interference?

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I am hearing low level interference on my ra-1, e.g., picking up radio signals. Unfortunately, it is a common occurence with electronics here in hawaii. I do not keep the amp near anything electric--the cdp is nearest electronic device approx 2ft away, nor is the amp near an electrical outlet. It's not particularly bad; the headphone extension (which of course i like to use ) worsens the problem, and (i think) weather plays a role, but i hear the noise with & w/o the extension. any suggestions? thanks, jeremy
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I also have the RA-1. I have not had that problem, but you may want to try a better or different headphone extension. I don't know what you are using now, but, I use a DiMarzio Silver Audio 10ft. extension which I purchased from Headroom(Headphone.com) and it is very durable and does not tangle up at all. Maybe if you moved the amp to a different location it may also help.
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What ICs are you using? (some have better sheilding than others)
Have you tried ferrite beads on your ICs?

Good luck!
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Maybe you should try shielding your interconnects with something like tin foil? It could help if you're picking up radio transmissions.
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Time to spring for better ICs..those TMC Yellow/White Label interconnects are absurdly well-shielded..
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thanks everyone,
magic77-- i am using the grado extension--is there a difference between the grado and the dimarzio?
bootman--IC's used: radio shack golds, recently replaced by 1 meter solid copper (unshielded) with silver connecters (don't know the brand name) from the spool at my local hi-fi shop, but these are soon to be replaced--tara master gen II's should arrive any day now from usedcable.com. The taras are heavily shielded yes? hopefully they will solve the problem-but i will keep the tin-foil suggestion in mind mcbiff.
thanks again--jeremy
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Let us know how it works out!
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I don't hear any audible difference between the DiMarzio or Grado extensions, but I like the DiMarzio better because it has Neutrik connecters which are excellent, and the cable is very durable and does not tangle. Also, like the others said,you may want to try some better interconnects. I use the Monster Cable M950i between my cd player and RA-1 and I'm very happy with the sound. The M950i's have a very thick insulation,so it may be beneficial for your noise problem.
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