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Exact same position as you, though I only got the dt770 80 ohms for my christmas paired with my very first amp(fiio e10). I will be sending them back to amazon on monday.


Even with an amp, they are not like night and day difference which some people round here would have you believe. The sound stage is still very narrow, everything feels like it has been squished together, and the music is not separated/spread out at all. All the amp done, was increase the volume 10 fold also made the sound quality a bit better. Though the bass still over powers everything, making the entire sound overall sound muddy.


Been advised and probably will go with these.


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In the same range as the DT770s BD makes four headphones. 


DT660 and 770 are closed

DT880 and 990 are open back (open soundstage etc)

DT660 and 880 are relatively flat (neutral sounding) and are good for jazz and classical and imho rock but some prefer the other two.

DT770 and 990 have V shaped FR curves, hence tend to sound "hot" and better on pop and techno.

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