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Bass phones for quality?

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Hey everybody I currently have a pair of Sony XB500s and I love them, problem is is that they are way to freaking big to go anywhere with.....Soo Ive been looking around for another bass headphone and I think I have my choices narrowed down, now I just need some opinions.


Okay, so Ive been looking at the Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2s, the Ultrasone pro 900s, and the V-Moda LP2 and V-Moda m100 models.

As i said, i like how the Xb500s sound, just need a more portable headphone. A friend of mine has Beats Studios and I like my xbs better, the beats' bass sounded too forward.

So, out of my choices which have deep bass like Xbs but arent so forward like beats? I was leaning towards the Audio Techs.


I listen from my ipod touch 4th generation, and really dont want to buy an amp. Opinions? Thanks!

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If you are going to get an amp, you should also consider Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohms version.

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I would rule out the V-moda LP2. The bass was pretty dam muddy and the overall sound signature sounds muffled. 

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