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Hey Everyone, I got an E09K for Christmas to plug my E17 Dac into. I am using the E17 as my sound card and then the Eo9K to dock the E17. For those not familiar this is the back of the E09K. I want to connect my MAudio AV40 Monitors to the E09K so I can listen to them sometimes in stead of my Ultrasone Pro 900's. I know the correct thing to do it connect the powered monitors to the Audio out on the E09K since it is fixed output and the speakers are amplified. However, I would like to be able to control the volume of the Monitors from the E09KM without getting up to spin the monitors volume knob since they will be mounted on the wall behind my desk. So can I just hook the monitors to the pre out on the E09K and turn the monitor volume up to like 80% and use the volume on the E09K to change the pre out level and basically act as a volume control for the monitors ? It makes perfect sense to me but I wasn't sure if that was harmul in any way to the equipment. Also, does anyone know if the pre out and audio out on the E09K continue to output even when you have headphones connected to the front or if you need to unplug the headphones on the front to make the rear outputs active ? I can test this later tonight but if anyone knows feel free to chime in and let me know. Thanks !