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Sennheiser Momentum owners how do you feel about the ear cup size?

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I got the Sennheiser Momentum headphones for a present and it has been a love hate relationship so far. I absolutely love the sound and build quality of these phones. What I dont love is the small cups. My ears are not large and I have an average sized head. My left ear fits perfect and the right not so much. They aren't super uncomfortable but just enough to make me question how much ill use them. They still isolate fairly well and I dont feel like I am losing a whole lot of sound quality because of fit. These could have been the ultimate set of portable phones with just a tiny bit bigger cup size.

They sound sooooo good and look great so I hate to let them go. :(

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I had a similar problem. As the owner of some of the most uncomfortables headphones around here: the LCD-2, Momentum, modded Grados I can say, it does get a bit better, I knew from the beginning the cup size so I wasn't really surprised. 

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Ive just recently been introduced to Grados. Ive not had a chance to hear any yet but I am definitely intrigued by their design. Do they fit on or over the ear?

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If the momentum's aren't comfortable then I doubt anything from the Grado prestige series is gonna be any better. They fit on your ear unless you get G Cush pads or whatever, but that will typically make the lower end models (prestige) sound meh, supposedly. I own the 225i's right now and I'm thinking about sending them back for comfort issues. Had the same experience with the 60i's.

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Yeah I can see what you're saying about the Grados just by looking at the photos. I use Beyer dt770s for tracking drums and mixing sessions because of the comfort. Gonna be hard to live up to those plush ear cups.

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Yep, ear cup size is the basic weakness of the Momentums. I can't believe Sennheiser goofed on that one point, these guys have the kind of experience that should have not resulted in such a basic boo boo. My ears just make it in there but the stiching on the inside starts to bug me after about 1/2 hour. :mad:

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I am toying with taking them back and spending the extra $100 and getting a pair of B&W P7's. Id like to try a pair on and give them a listen.
I have access to Beyer DT770s and various studio phones as I engineer part time, I was just in love with the sound quality and portability of the Momentums.

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As far as portability goes, the case is bulky and oogly, but the cans are pretty small and well made, look good too. I tried the P5's and they didn't excite me, but I am told that the P7's are well improved. I'm afraid to try them on as I just got a pair of HE-600's and the wallet is closed for now. :blink: 

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After plenty of reading I think I am going to return the Momentums and get the Logitech UE6000s and one of the lesser expensive amps such as a fiio.
I am going to try the UE6000s on this afternoon. I found them locally for $100 and if all the reviews are accurate thats a great value and I wont have to worry about them so much at work(i build drums in in a dusty wood shop).

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