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Firmware Updates?

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Hi Everyone!


Just received the X3 for Christmas, after my beloved Zune died after 8 years of use. I am the audio equivalent of a gourmand, and my technical expertise is sorely lacking. I'm married to an EE, though, and he suggests I post here to get feedback re: firmware updates and the like. For starters, the sound quality of this player is excellent. I wanted a player that would deliver on that front and not be tied to Apple software. Here are my 2 main complaints:


1. The UI of this device is lousy. The buttons are confusing, and the layout of them is odd. If I scroll to a particular artist, then all of the artist's tracks are mixed together, rather than sorted by album. So annoying!


2. Scrolling is soooo very slow. Once you've loaded a few hundred albums, it takes forever to scroll through the list. If anyone visiting can help me, I'd appreciate it very much!



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Hi there Kirsten,

If you can please copy and paste your questions in this thread ill link I believe you'll have a better chance getting some answers. This is where the bulk of FiiO x3 owners have discussion.


Good luck!
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