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I agree that Bioshock Infinite's gameplay and movement is shallow. Ive never liked Cod or BF. I like FPSs that more mechanics to master like projectiles, and more complicated movement systems. Quake Live is fun, its old with bad graphics, but it's very fast-paced and focused on fantastic gameplay with no gimmicks. Team Fortress 2 is my current favorite. It has rocket jumping like quake, there's also air-strafing, sticky jumping, double-jumping, different projectile weapons, ramp-sliding, and the emphasis on teamwork makes it even more fun with friends or in competitive games. Quake Live and TF2 are both free-to-play and have low system reqs so there is no excuse to not try them.


I have not played Tribes Ascend or Strike Vector, but they are both fast-paced FPSs with complex movement systems.


The reason I don't like Cod or BF is because they are fairly shallow gameplay wise. Skills needed for those games: fast reflexes, being able to click on things (as all weapons are essentially hitscan), map knowledge, and player prediction. Whereas TF2 has all that plus, explosive jumping, verticality, projectile prediction, way more dodging, and other factors that raise the skill ceiling and make the game more complex and fun imo.


One argument I hear for BF is that its better because its more "realistic, but imo video game are for doing the UNrealistic. because why not.


EDIT: This is assuming you are playing with mouse and keyboard on a PC. If not, then playing games with complex mechanics where precision aiming is needed is going to be painfully hard on a gamepad.

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


You will never need any other shooter again

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