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Hey all! I barely ever listen away from my computer. Now that I've got a new laptop for work, I think I can move away from my ipod classic to a DAC...if its worth it and easy. I did briefly have both have use of an ODAC and a HRT Streamer but my old laptop kept freezing so it wasn't really practical. My idea is to have a Schiit Vali at the office w/ a HD600 and maybe a Vali at home with the HD650...(maybe!); I do so much listening at the office and so little at home, I don't even know if I need at home gear... If I'm out and about, or on the vary rare travel, I could be happy with my Clip and RE-400. is the question: Is there a DAC that is really easy to use, that wouldn't cause me problems going back and forth between the work and office? Granted, it would take more time than an ipod line out...but would the improvement in sound quality be worth the plugging in a USB, running music from a media player (not sure which) etc.:


For my particular use, it seems like a Dragonfly or Odac would be good, but I could imagine a Modi, too? I'm probably looking at the under $150 category, but I could imagine spending more if the function and SQ was really worth it.