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For Sale or Trade:
HiFiMan HM-901 (w/ Balanced Amp Card) and Pelican 1050

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling one of the best sounding combinations in portable audio available. All items sold are in mint condition, two of which are like new (1plus2 IEM and uber cable). I find myself not using portable audio much at all nowadays, so I'm downsizing to one CIEM and one dap. The HM-901 with balanced card is the best SQ I've heard thus far, check impressions and comparisons over on the 901 thread to confirm other's opinions. 


The 1plus2 and uber cable are both like new, freshly received from Gavin. I wanted my uber cable terminated TRRS (balanced 3.5) to take full advantage of what the HM-901 has to offer. I did take a brief listen to the combination and it has really good synergy. 


The HM-901 player is the newly revised edition equipped with a better quality battery that drains less when not in use, and lasts a little longer (7-8 hours playing a mixture of 16 and 24 bit FLAC). All accessories are included that came with the original packaging. 


What is included:
HiFiMan HM-901 DAP with all original accessories (Box, Line-out cables, Charger, etc.)
HM-901 Balanced Card
Tralucent 1plus2 IEM
Tralucent uber cable terminated TRRS (balanced)

Pelican 1050 Case


Original Prices:
HiFiMan HM-901 - $1000
HM-901 Balanced Card - $299
Tralucent 1plus2 IEM - $1299
Tralucent uBer Cable - $1000

Pelican 1050 Case - $15


Price includes shipping CONUS, but not Paypal fees so please add 3.5% or gift. I'd advise anyone buying to pay gift due to the heft fees. I will consider international shipping, but buyer is responsible for paying full listed price shipping (shouldn't be too bad via USPS First Class Mail).

At the moment I'm only considering selling this as a combo, but will consider offers. Low-balling will be politely ignored. 


If there are any questions please feel free to ask. More pictures to come when I have time, if they are needed sooner please pm me. 


Might be interested in a trade. PM offers to discuss. 




Edit: Tralucent 1plus2 and Uber Cable have been sold. 

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