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For Sale: Mini3 portable amp + spare parts

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For Sale:
Mini3 portable amp + spare parts

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling my Mini3 headphone amplifier as I found I don't use it very often. Its very small (about credit card size footprint) and sturdy, fun device with a metal case that provides great portable amplification. It features the original AMB engraved front and rear panels.


I assembled and tested the piece myself exactly as described here http://www.amb.org/audio/mini3/. The unit works flawlessly in my hands and is outwardly in mint condition (now scratches, wear). Be aware that this is a DIY device, it was not commercially manufactured but by myself and that I cannot take any responsibility for its performance or safety.


I got all parts as described in http://www.amb.org/audio/mini3/parts.html either from digikey, conrad or distrelec and I chose high quality components (e.g. metal film resistors)


This is the extended runtime version (with LMH6642MA & LMH6643MA opamps) and contains a LiMH battery with 300 mAh.


I will ship this along with a suitable transformer / power supply (European two-pin plug, check pictures if you need an adapter) which can do 100 - 240V and 50/ 60Hz to charge the device as well as a short male-male 3.5 mm connector cable to connect your source to the amp. 


Buyer will cover fees (shipment, paypal etc).


For those interested, I still do have a couple of spare parts (Hammond case, opamps etc). Please PM if interested. 

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