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For Sale: Mini3 portable amp + spare parts

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For Sale:
Mini3 portable amp + spare parts

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling my Mini3 headphone amplifier as I found I don't use it very often. Its very small (about credit card size footprint) and sturdy, fun device with a metal case that provides great portable amplification. It features the original AMB engraved front and rear panels.


I assembled and tested the piece myself exactly as described here The unit works flawlessly in my hands and is outwardly in mint condition (now scratches, wear). Be aware that this is a DIY device, it was not commercially manufactured but by myself and that I cannot take any responsibility for its performance or safety.


I got all parts as described in either from digikey, conrad or distrelec and I chose high quality components (e.g. metal film resistors)


This is the extended runtime version (with LMH6642MA & LMH6643MA opamps) and contains a LiMH battery with 300 mAh.


I will ship this along with a suitable transformer / power supply (European two-pin plug, check pictures if you need an adapter) which can do 100 - 240V and 50/ 60Hz to charge the device as well as a short male-male 3.5 mm connector cable to connect your source to the amp. 


Buyer will cover fees (shipment, paypal etc).


For those interested, I still do have a couple of spare parts (Hammond case, opamps etc). Please PM if interested. 

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