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Solo Beats > V-Moda M100 > and now?

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After 3,4 years using Solo Beats they finally broke and it was clearly a godly sign, that i should get me some new headphones.


Searching through forums etc. i gave the highgly acclaimed M-100 a shot. I had them for like 2 weeks and that is how i feel about them:


At first, they didn't blow my mind like i have imagined they would do but after a while, i started to like the sound signature and enjoyed it. I wasn't even forced to EQ the **** out of them like i did on my Solos. Besides that i find them quite dark, bassy and a bit demanding/exhausting. I love how the m100 are built and the concept behind the headphone but i just find them too uncomfortable and the noise-isolation is quite lacking compared to the so much hated Beats Solo. Please don't get me wrong, i know how the Solo's are lacking in sound and whatsoever but they kind of did their job and didn't felt like a burden.


I listen to music all the time. Like really often (at home/on the road/studying etc). Therefore they have to be comfortable , noise-isolating and portable, light. I listen to a wide range of music (radiohead, björk, toro y moi, death grips, vampire weekend) but mainly hiphop and electronic music. They shouldn't cost more than ~230 bucks and are preferably on-ear since i want to use them in summertime without sweating.


I thought about trying the M80s but i guess they are on par with the M100s if we're talking about isolation and comfort?


I was once in a shop trying out some other headphones, one of them were the Momentum and i felt like the M100 were soundwise superior (just skipping through my music libary for 5 minutes). Should i get HD 25 or any other suggestions?


TL;DR: Need new headphones:


- very comfortable/light (listen to music all the time)

- noise isolating

- durable/built well

- listen to mainly hiphop/electronic music (but also radiohead, björk, toro y moi, death grips, vampire weekend etc)

- maximum budget 230 bucks

- preferably on-ear (using in summertime without sweating)



Thank you for your time.

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Hi lachfalte,


Welcome to Head-Fi... sorry about your wallet.  :smile:


I have a quick question for you... how do you feel about bass.  I ask because you mentioned that you listen to hip-hop and electronic, and also preferred the M-100 to the Momentum.  To me, it sounds like you like a lot of bass.  And if that is true, it will make a big difference in terms of what we might recommend.  Thanks!

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Well, i guess i like a clear and somehow hard bass. It shouldn't be too much nor muddy. I'm not a basshead but it kinda should hit me like the musician wanted to. I hope you get it, what i want to say. :rolleyes: (e.g. i was shocked, how bad the solo did regarding bass compared to M-100).

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Okay I gotcha.  Then yes, I would think the HD 25-1-II would be a good option for you.  An even better option would be a Sennheiser Amperior (discontinued but still available).  And an even better option still would be a Beyerdynamic DT 1350.

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