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Hey guys I'm currently using the ATH WS55 cuz I got them cheap, but they are really starting to hurt my ears. Like I can't use these for more than 20 minutes. So I was looking for an upgrade and I narrowed down to these 2. I tried them both at a store and they sound similar, give or take. I mean the M50s are clearer and the vocals are better but the PRO500MK2 has a stronger bass that is not to overwhelming either.  Overall the M50s seem like a better buy but I'm quite torn between the 2 cuz I'm really using my headphones for on-the-go. I don't really do producing or DJ-ing. The M50s are bulkier but they are over-ear and are way more comfortable. They also have a really long cable which I don't need. But of course I've considered the coiled cable as well as braiding the straight cable. I'm not quite confident in modding it to become detachable But the PRO500MK2s are smaller, definitely smaller earcups that are on-ear and I felt that they could hurt over a period of time. Of course they are not as bad as my WS55. Not even close. But the PRO500MK2 comes with a detachable cable, in fact 2 cables, which makes it a lot more portable (in addition to its smaller size). 


I'm really torn between the 2 I can't decide. Both have their pros and cons. Anyone has a recommendation? Why can't Audio Technica just create a M50 model that has a detachable cable haha