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Want more Bass with your Ultimate Ears? Try this!

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I've been using the UE400's the most expensive dynamic driver IEM from UE for the past 5 months. I like its clarity and detailed sound, sparkling treble, and a wonderfully spacious sound-stage. Only thing I don't like about it is the Bass, the bass is noticeable but it seems to just miss the mark, frankly the Sennheiser MX470 and 581's in my opinion punch out better bass. 

The Bass on the 400s feels like a hadouken that just disappears just out in front of you, its not impacting but it's noticeably JUST there.


First thing though I am not a bass head, but most of the music I listen to often has Bass in it to compliment the song (Jpop etc). So I don't like overwhelming thumping beats but enough for a complimentary partnership with the music.


But Anyway on to my main point, I decided to one day switch out the stock tips for some Sony tips (some spare ones that came with my EX300). Plugged the UE's into my Walkman and immediately the Bass was more noticeable than ever before, I can feel it all the way down to the sub-bass level and it is vibrating!!!! 


The bass was more noticeable, still controlled and did not feel bloated or bled into other areas of the music. Combine that with the already excellent properties of its clarity, detail, treble and soundstage, I am very proud I made the switch and have been using these quite frequently.


I did the same to the single BA UE600's, the Bass was still enhanced a little but the difference was not as noticeable. Perhaps it is naturally due to Balanced Armature vs Dynamic.


Just my 2 cents!

Maybe you could benefit from this UE400+Sony tips combo!

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sometimes, just eartips can save money, great isn't it? but doesn't always work un42netly.

i tried sony silicon tips on sennheisers. as a result, the fit was better, but the sound was really harsh and piercing, the soundstage was congested and the bass was congested in both quantity and quality, no way to sub bass level.


however, when i use sennheiser eartips on  sony, i get good result. good bass and everything. 

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That will be an interesting combo I should try.

Maybe some different tips will tame my CX150s and who knows what it can do.

I'm just going to take a random punt that its how big the actual tip and the (for the lack of a better word) hole that makes contact with the IEM that sort of readjusts how the sound. 
A larger or narrower contact tip.


I just tried putting some UE stock tips on to my Panasonic and it seemed to have tamed down the treble a bit, but no other differences so far.

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Sennheiser tips aren't narrow. But Sony ones holes are certainly narrow. Probably this causes lack of air.
I don't know whether using Sennheiser tips on ex300 will make any improvement, but i certainly had improvement on xb30ex.
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Tis the sound of physics (pun intention)


Bigger UE tips on Senneheiser CX150 tames down the harshness on'em. Awesome.

Anyone else got good vibes from IEM's just by switching tips to another brand?

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