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I am also interested in the Sound of this cheap amp.

Via Amazon.de you can get it for about 33€ (shipping included).


I am very tempted to order one ;)

But on the other hand it might be too cheap.

As one always says. You get what you pay for.

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eagerly waiting for reviews! (SUB'd)

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Originally Posted by ayaflo View Post

eagerly waiting for reviews! (SUB'd)


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Mine is still in the air somewhere, but it's coming :)

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I've subscribed, and hope to hear some reviews.  Interested in this because:


a) I need something to drive HD580's when listening off of my Surface


b) I'm cheap

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Originally Posted by Arvan View Post


Any news to report? :)

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Originally Posted by DMax99 View Post

Mine is still in the air somewhere, but it's coming :)


Any news to report? :)

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Not yet.. Hopefully it will come this week wink.gif
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Hi there, first post from me. Been watching this thread with interest to see if the NX1 was actually any good but as it was so cheap (£21 on ebay) i decided to take the plunge!

Firstly I certainly would not consider myself an audiophile at all, just a major tech head with an addiction to gadgets, so please forgive my unprofessional views.

I bought the Topping NX1 to use with my AKG K545's and iphone 5. Without the amp the AKG's sound great with good instrument separation and a nice neutral bass, with the NX1 hooked up i found that you get a slightly increased bass with much more punch to the the sound, on the flip side i feel as tho the sound is a little more 'merged' with a very slight loss of the separation. The Topping has two gain settings, high and low. High is the setting i use as i found low to be very flat and unpleasing. Overall in terms of sound quality, it does certainly add a little more punch and bass but a slight degradation in terms of the instrument separation.

Build quality is very good with the body being encased in sturdy metal, all switches do their job adequately even if they are slightly small and fiddly with the volume knob being satisfyingly smooth and gives a nice 'analogue' feel. Included in the packaging is the obligatory rubber bands, 3.5mm connection lead, micro usb charging cable and velco sticky pads.

Battery life has so far exceeded all expectations, fully charged the unit on receipt about 2 weeks ago and have mot had need to charge it so far despite daily use of between 1-4 hours a day!!

Overall for how cheap the Topping is i really can not complain at all, might not be to everyones taste but i like it!
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Thanks for sharing your impressions on the Topping!

Do you now prefer listening with or without amp? I mean, is the extra punch worth the "merged" separation?

What I also interested in is:
- Does the Amp "Pop" when switching on/off?
- Is there background noise if no music is playing?

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Thank you for the words and photos! Im grabbing one of these things smily_headphones1.gif
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The battery time is quoted at 120 hours. 

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Hi guys,


I just talked to ClieOs and he just looked at the NX1 to conclude this :


"By the look of the circuit, it seems to be a simple MAX9722 design, and actually I just posted a review of similar amp, the SMSL sAp4s"(over at In ear Matters).


Also : 


"The description on eBay are all wrong and very misleading by the way. They all seems to claim things that are not in the amp"



Trust this is helpful.

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I've finally received it yesterday and have spent about 20 mins listening to it. So here is my brief first impression (I've compared it to my BH):

With the NX1, the vocal and instruments are much more forward than the BH. So that makes it sound a bit more detailed. However, the soundstage sounds quite narrow compared to the BH and because of that the 3d image also doesn't sound as good as the BH. So you're trading off the soundstage for the forward mids and local.

It somehow feels a bit under powered when I was listening to it with my re0. With low gain, the sound is quite low even with the volume knob turned all the way up. With high gain and volume all the way up, it was uncomfortably loud but it definitely didn't blow my war drums.

The size and looks are very similar to the BH. Length and width are the same but the NX1 is thicke. The volume know is also a bit bigger and longer on the NX1 so it sticks out a bit more. I'll try and take some photos and post them here with the size comparison.

It's still early days, perhaps by listening to it more, I might grown to like them and start to enjoy the good sounding mids and not pay too much attention to the congestion (narrow soundstage).

Overall, for about 30 bucks it definitely beats the e11 I had before.
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DMax99, did you hear some background noise, if no music was playing?

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