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Well.. different ears and all, to me the Dido's are very bass boosted especially the mid-bass region and it imparts its "signature" to every track, from a lowly acoustic to the craziest EDM you dare to throw at it. 
Having said that, the Pandora is no slouch! But the main (and big) difference is the clarity across the whole spectrum, especially the sub-bass, when compared against Perfect Sound offering!! 


Overall, I LIKE the Pandora's a whole lot. Enjoyed all my favorite genres with it and if it weren't for the comfort factor, it would be a total recommendation from me! Put it through the paces against most of my headphones here and I even like it a bit better than my Alpha Dogs on some songs! (:eek:


I'll try to come up with better/more complete impressions but don't have too much time right now on my hands. Did write some notes though, so I'll post again. ;-)

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^word up

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From my memory regarding the hope IV, it completely lacks bass impact. very muddy, and the details are terrible. I honestly don't like them at all. It was a prototype though, but it was around 90% finish at the time i tried it. its complete opposite of hope VI. Seems they are experimenting with the sound sig.

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Hi guys,


just FYI - if anybody needs it.


The Serial Number of the PH VI is under the earpads - You have to remove the pads to see it.

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HI - I got feedback from the European Marketing guys of Final Audio re  a possible replacement of the earpads.


Apart from the information that "only very few users wrote in the forum that the earpads might feel a little tight" (my translation) they say that the HP has been praised for its comfort by many. (bla bla)

"In order to provide the best comfort for all users" Final Audio will offer an alternate SOFTER earpad for Pandora Hope IV and VI.

And:  "The existing product will not be changed as it meets the highest requirements of Final Audio Design."


To me this means that they didn't understand the real issue with the earpads and that they do not seem to be willing to listen to their customers' wishes or needs.


BTW - the alternative, softer earpads will be offered for 54,90 € in Europe and should be available by Mid April. 


So for me back to zero - I am looking for earpads that are less soft and provide a larger distance between the ear and the driver grill. I do like the sound signature but my ear starts hurting after some 30 minutes of listening. This is annoying!


Anybody got any ideas (apart from selling the HP) ?

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That is BS they need a more firm ear pad.

That freakin sucks
- 1 for FAD
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WTF softer ear pads....that's sadistic!!!


AND 55 bucks that's very steep....I'd be expecting some good shtuff.


Hmmm the pinnacle of comfort.....grating your ear with a driver grill 'caus it sounds good...........


I'm thinking instead of kitchen towel maybe getting some hardish/memory foam type stuff and cutting some discs out to stuff the earpads.


Oh and thanks very much for the update!

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Yeah, making them softer doesn't make ANY sense to me!!! Ugh.

So much potential, so little comfort... lol! ;-)


BTW, $55 is actually not bad at all!!! Alpha Pads are like $60, Ultrasone pads for the Signature SJs are more than $100 so, I actually don't find that price offensive at all.

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maybe if I email them this page they can see that it is UNANIMOUS!!!


They maybe caught up in the self esteem of putting out something good. I will sell mine I am sure. 

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Price is relative though and to me that is a lot of cash for two bits of fake leather stitched over some memory foam. 55 euro as well which is 75 dollars...but hey ho each to their own. I will probably just try some cheap ass fix unless the pads turn out to be a HUGE improvement....sounds doubtful if they are softer...mental...how could they be any softer!!

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I guess clear communication towards FAD by us users is probably he only possibility. I tried this with the sales guy but I had to verify first that I acquired the HP legally / properly.  Then I got the answer with the marketing stuff. 

As it seems there are not so many - at least not here in the forum - that complain about the comfort so I guess they may get away with it. 

Does anybody know about the customers response in the asian countries? Maybe they would rathe listen if somebody told them these issues in Japanese ? 


Actually I do not want to sell the HP as I like the Sound Sig - but I also do not want to have sore ears after 30 minutes of listening (and that is after I stuffed the earpads with kitchen paper) . 

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Call me a sceptic but I rarely take a support person's words for granted because I'm a realistic and know it just doesn't work like that that all the people giving those responses are in full knowledge about all these things:

A) The person replied may not necessarily have much insight to actual product development
B) The person answered may not necessarily be in full understandment of the issue (probably this is the first complaint recieved)
C) Support (Helpdesk) people sometimes makes self-reasoned guesses (logically the most common issue for pad uncomfort is that pads would be too stiff, person answered probably wasn't sure what was the case here)
D) Sometimes people write something else or try to use words to cover a large usage scenario, in this case it can be that the person had "comfort" in his/her mind but just wrote "softness" and didn't think thoroughly about it or tried to use it as synonym. I do that on almost a daily basis :p (maybe lack of sleep, dunno, I more often expect people to understand what I'm thinking and therefore not making myself perfectly clear).

Generally people aren't that stupid and it doesn't take a brainiac to figure out that it can't be that the pads are too stiff in this case for the product developing staff. So I say calm down still, it may not be what it seems.

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you may be right - but I doublechecked it with the guy, wrote him that "comfort" is the issue with the PH VI, and there especially
a) the HP being quite heavy, 

b) the earpads being too soft thus hurting your ear after 30 minutes of use and

c) the "earshells" not holding in place or sliding (some complained about this)  


I tried to deliver that they could make their customers happy but I must admit I also complained about his marketing talk which obviously must have pissed him off. 


Well, his answer basically was "Have fun with your HP" 


Of course this still leaves the possibility that this guy has misunderstood what Final Audio is planning to do with the earpads. 


Therefore I would be very interested to find someone who can get closer to their headquarter people - they should know what they are planning to do. 

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I feel like there might be some miscommunication going on here. Didn't someone in Singapore say they tried out the new pads and felt that they were more comfortable and firmer?

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I tried the Pandora IV (not VI) which came with the new pads. They are firmer and equally comfortable.
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