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[REVIEW] Urbanears Bagis

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Just thought I'd put up a quick review of these budget IEMs, in case anyone was interested.


If you're interested in my headphone listening history, I started out with a set of Etymotic 4i's. Actually, 2 sets of the 4i's, turns out they're not a very robust model. Decent sound, and very good isolation, though. Next up was a set of Future Sonics Atrios MS5, which I think had a much more enveloping sound (can't remember for sure, it was a while ago). My current IEMs are Audio Technica ATH-CKS77. Great sound, I love the depth of bass and how "punchy" the mids and highs sound. Can't believe they were available for under $40. Luckily, I hadn't heard anything about the Bagis IEMs before I started listening, so this review is untainted by prior expectations etc.


The Urbanears Bagis was reviewed on a Sansa Fuze, using mainly rock songs.


Let the listening begin. The biggest impression these headphones made was the muffled upper mids and highs. If you're happy to EQ, this isn't a deal-breaker though, because it can easily be dialled out. The lack of bass is incurable though. The CKS77s have probably turned me into a bass-head, so they're probably "average" rather than "poor", especially considering the price and target market (ie more fashionistas than hi-fi nerds).


But I won't forgive them the misleading frequency response graph on their website. For starters, the 90dB scale would make Mt Everest look flat... Then, despite being approx 15dB down at 20Hz, they claim a frequency response of 20-20kHz. I'm even sceptical of the 15dB claim, I haven't specifically measured them, but some playing around with a parametric EQ indicates there isn't much to be heard below 50 Hz. I (literally) dusted off a set of Koss Plugs (great drivers for the price, unfortunately these IEMs don't comfortably fit inside my head) and these also highlighted the muffled mids/highs and the lack of sub-bass.


Another example of sneaky marketing is the remote, beware that it does not include a volume control. It's just a single play/talk button.


On a positive note, the ability to clip the headphones together is is handy. A storage pouch would have been handy though (how I miss my Atrios pouch, that thing copped inhumane treatment and kept the headphones safe and sound).


If you're happy to fix the mids/highs with an EQ, these would make passable budget headphones for non bass-heads.

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Though late to this reply, I want to give some props to the Bagis - it's not all doom and gloom as above.


OK, I agree that the bass extension is missing - it really drops off somewhere below 100Hz but the mid-bass is decent.


Mids and Highs are not that bad.  I've heard worse.  It certainly isn't a "V" profile, but something more of a classic Sennheiser mid-bass hump with good mids and highs.  The highs don't have the clarity of a $100 IEM, but these aren't $100 IEMs.  Good for their price.


For comparison, my top end is an SE530, HF5, Audeo PFE120.


These fit well over-ear, and if you see them for <$20 they're a good buy and is a headset.

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