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Narrowed to 3 choices for Mid level headphones

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After consulting various sites and guides, Im still stuck between 3 different headphones, and need advice.


Im looking to spend between 80-150 bucks. I will mostly use these around the house/car for music, and hooking up to tablets for movie watching. Im not a huge audiophile, but I do like quality. Just not the be all, end all factor.


Most of the reviews and ratings as far as comparison values are skewed due to recent price drops on a couple Im looking at.


*First option, the famous Audio-Technia ATH-M50s. I know they are ridiculously good quality for the price (Around $105 on amazon currently). I will not be able to try these out locally, as no one near by sells them. They are what I consider bulky and ugly, however, so that makes this a legit competition with the other 2 choices here, for me.


*2nd option, Skull Candy Mix Masters, which has retailed from $300, is on Amazon for around $200, and is currently on clearance in Best Buy for $112. At that low price point, I think it makes these a great value buy for the money. Im not a huge fan of the look, but like it much better than the M50s.


*3rd option, Monster DNAs Over the Ear. I love the look, but I realize they are basically a Beats clone. However, they too are clearanced at some Best Buys for $99, so that makes them in the conversation here.


Basically, the order I listed them in goes from best quality to worst, and from worst visually pleasing to best. The Skull Candy is likely a safe, in between bet... but I want to make sure before I buy. I likely can try out the Mix Masters and the DNAs in store before I buy, I hope.


Thoughts? Anyone have 2 or all of these and can compare? Take the cost into consideration when comparing please.

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I was looking at the same price range you were at and I was deciding whether or not to get the M50s.

I ended up purchases the Logitech UE6000 based on reviews and recommendations. Right now they are ~$80 at tigerdirect with shipping which is where I am getting them from (and they are $109 at Best Buy; Retail for $200). They seemed like the better choice after reading reviews and such but that was just me. Plus they were on the lower end of my budget.

I know this probably doesn't help you, but it's just something else to consider.

Read up on some reviews here and also reviews (written and video) at InnerFidelity.  It helped me with my purchase

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I actually looked at both those and the 9000s...  For some reason I can't wrap my head around Logitech putting out a good non-gaming headphone.  The look is above avg to me.  Maybe if BB has them Ill demo those too

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Went ahead and bought the Skullcandy Mix Masters for $113 at Best Buy...  they were ringing up $199 but I made them price match the online clearance price.  These were $300 a couple months back.  They sound amazing.  I feel like its a steal for the price.


The demo set of the Monster DNA they had out was not impressive.

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