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Need Help choosing IEM <$200 for mostly Indie rock and dubstep

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hey guys im thinking of upgrading my IEMs..im currently using the Klipsch's s4 II and Acoustic Research's s700m..im mostly using the AR s700m now and I have been using it for about 4-5 months and recently I dunno why i find the SQ of it changed in a way I don't really enjoy..it may be the fitting problem as I have to always push them further inside my ears for better SQ. I have been looking at Yamaha's EPH 100, Sony's XBA H1, and DUNU's new hybird DN1000. I personally like the EPH 100 as I read a lot of good reviews for it, but I also want to try hybrid IEMs. Are they really good? I listened to the XBA H2 a week ago and I do like the SQ but the price is a bit high for me right now and I wonder if H1 would perform the same? DUNU seems to be the best among these 3 but again the price is a bit over my budget too, is it really that good? Can u guys help me on choosing between these 3? or are there any other recommendations <$200? 

I am also thinking of buying a new DAP as my Ipod nano 6g just broke..I think I'm still getting an Ipod but I am not sure Ipod nano or Ipod touch? I read both good and bad reviews on both. How are their SQ?


p.s. have anyone heard of the AR s700m IEM? i think its pretty good for its price but theres seems to be no posts about it.


Thanks a lot.

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+1 Yamaha EPH-100

Great for the genres you've listed!


Best Luck!

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thx for the reply..yea i think i will go with the EPH 100. Are BA IEMs weaker in bass in general?? or they just sound differently?I do like bass but not a basshead, so thats why im think the hybrids IEMs.

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Jay628, I have owned the EPH-100's and still own the Dunu DN1000's. Both are great choices, though I prefer the DN1000's. They are superior to the Yamaha's in pretty much every way, but then they should be... They cost almost twice as much. The DN-1000's have greater detail retrieval and are just more refined than the Yamaha's though the EPH100's are still very good.


The bass response is similar between the two as I recall... I no longer have the Yamaha's. Both have powerful, deep, and fast bass that is great for dubstep. excellent sub bass response on both!


Both are built very well. The Yamaha's are much lighter and are a little more comfortable than the Dunu's, but not enough that I miss the Yamaha's.


Both have good isolation and are easy to drive from modest sources. I use a RockBox'd Sansa Clip Zip. I have not tried an amp with either of these and don't think it is necessary.


If you can't afford the Dunu's, the Yamaha's are a solid choice, but I think the Dunu's are well worth the extra money. If you can make the stretch, you won't be sorry. They are amazing!


 Both of these are a big step up from the Klipsch S4 in my opinion. The S4's have solid bass, but it is boomy and less controlled. The mids are recessed on the S4's and the highs suffer a lot from sibilance.


Good luck! Hope that helps you!

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thanks for the detailed comparison!

Ahhh...i want them both...lol. The DN 1000 seems to be really good for its price!! Its too bad I dont have the time now to go try them myself. I think i will go for the Yamaha's for now and consider the DN 1000 my next upgrade.

Do u suggest any other IEMs at the $150 range? How about GR 07? I heard its pretty good too.

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I have not tried the GR07's but they are very highly regarded on Head-Fi. The GR07 Bass Edition has a lot of supporters, though if you are sensitive to sibilance, you might want to pass on either GR07 model. I believe that Monster has a special on refurbished Turbine Pro Gold for $125 and the original Turbine for $60. That might also be a good option for you. I haven't heard them, but ljokerl gave them a favorable review and there is plenty of info on them on this site.



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thx for the suggestions! 

maybe im getting the DN 1000..but i wanna try the EPH 100 too.. do u consider a downgrade if I buy the EPH 100 after the DN 1000?? I like both..do u think its worth to have them both?

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If you have the DN1000, the Yamaha will likely not get much playtime. They are similar in their sound signature, but the Dunu just sounds better.

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Thanks! I just sent an e-mail to a store to ask for the price of DN 1000.

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Amazon has them, but they don't ship them to the US.... not sure where you are from.  MP4nation.net is where I got mine. They are good to deal with and their shipping is fast with the Fedex 2-day option. I don't recommend EBAY for these. There is a pre-production Chinese version out there that is not covered by warranty. MP4 Nation is an authorized dealer. I have used them several times.


Hope you enjoy them!   I'm sure you will be pleased.   : )

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I am from Taiwan and I just got it! Its surprisingly cheap too, i got it for around 150 USD. I am not sure if its the pre-production chinese version cuz at the back of the box its chinese (but i guess its because i buy it in Taiwan?) but I have the Dunu warranty card and 1 year warranty for it, so i guess its fine?

I am still trying out different ear tips and rings.. any suggestion? the white ones are too small and they dont have perfect seal for my ears

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jay628,  Congrats! excellent price. I'm sure yours are the international retail version if you bought them from a retail shop.  You might try the spiral reinforced grey silicon tips and use the red rings for deeper insertion.

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