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Fiio to Schiit

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Yello everyone, hope the season is goin' well. I'm finally thinking about investing in a DAC and an amp for my laptop, and now that I know what I'm getting, I just need to know how to work the dang things. I'm getting a Fiio E10 dac/amp just for portable use with my laptop, but I know that later I'm going to see if I can get the Magni from Schiit. I've been racking the internet looking for what kind of connector to use to hook up the E10 with the Magni, and I still have not come up with anything. The Fiio has a coaxial output and the Magni has a Left Right input, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to connect the two. Hopefully in the future I'll be getting the Modi, so connecting those two will be easy as eatin' a peanut butter sandwich, but in the mean time, I'll have to make do with the Fiio.

Thanks for helpin' out y'all!

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You have the FiiO E10, why would you need to also get the Schiit Magni?


A add-on amplifier like the Schiit Magni could be connected to the E10's line-out.

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looks like you need a 3.5 mini plug that splits into left and right RCA plugs plugged into the lineout from the e10 and out to the magni.  i don't have the e10 so i had look up what kind of output it had- i have the fiiO e07K andes as a portable. 


i also recently bought the M&M schiit stack to plug into my laptop.


hope this helps.

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