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So I just got them unboxed and set them up. I absolutely love them. They sound amazing even without burning them in. Looking forward to see what they sound like once I have them for a week or so.


My next question however is any ideas as to what kind of sub woofer to pair them with. I by no means am a extremely discerning audiophile. However, I would consider myself an enthusiast of high(er) end audio. I did a ton of research for almost a year before I finally pulled the trigger on wanting these speakers.


I'm willing to spend $500 or $600 on a subwoofer to pair them with. My main concern is I've done a lot of reading about people purchasing a subwoofer to go with bookshelves and they don't quite compliment each other. So it always leaves something to be desired.


So my question to all of you experts out there, is where should I be looking. If I could just get someone to point me in the right direction of some brands they would recommend it would be greatly appreciated.


Little background info of my system and the size of room as well.


I have a custom built PC that I use for work / gaming.


I use the Asus Xonar Essence STX for my sound card.


I've heard of several different setups of running the speakers to the sub and then running an out from the sub to the computer. Or just plugging the sub directly to the center into the sound card.


The room is about 10x10 give or take a couple feet.


Thanks in advance for any and all responses! Have a good one!