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Hi everyone,

Im now looking to buy a new mobile phone because my old one (Sony Ericsson Ray) working not so great. I looked here in forum and everywhere else and  after long searches I made short list which of them is affordable/good looking/have not worst sound quality.


My list:

1. Nokia 520 (cheap, fast, quite good sound, microsd card support)

2. Nokia 920 (better everything in specs but a big minus no micro sd card support)

3. LG L9 II (i can't find any information about its sound quality, but LG's specs look quite good)

4. Sony SP (I just like Sony products and I now see all those 3 mobile phones with big discount)

5. Sony L

6. Sony T

7. any other mobile phone


So if somone searched similar price mobile phone and found good specs/ audio quality phone please share your opinion about your new purchase. :)


p.s. I readed GSM arena's reviews about all of them but still I want to know more people opinion, not just one man who made whose reviews opinion.