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Double Amping on the Xbox 360

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Hey, i recently purchased the 2013 astro a40 package that comes with the mixamp. I have absolutely no problems with the equipment, but when i tried to link together the astro mixamp along with the turtle beach's DSS, the overall volume was massively increased as well as a bass boost feature from the DSS. the only problem is I cannot figure out how to get the chat feature to work and yes i have made sure voice volume was on 10 and the mic was switched to "on" on the 360 as well put the setting on "play through headphones". Ive looked online and supposedly the pink mic 3.5mm cord from the y cable is what is the problem. I have no idea where it goes because I plugged it into every spot i could on the mixamp (used all of the DSS's inputs except USB out) and while I have a mic icon while gaming, there is no voice output. Its a pretty messy setup so i'll try to clear it up as much as possible

Mixamp Inputs
Optical (connected to Xbox)
Usb (connected to Xbox)
Mp3 (empty)
Stream (empty)
Daisy Chain (empty)
Daisy Chain (empty)
Controller (Connected to Xbox controller, obviously)
Headset (3.5mm cable used to link Mixamp with DSS [no sound when doing this using daisy chain inputs])

Dss's Inputs

Optical (empty)
Analog In (connected to mixamp via 3.5mm)
USB out (empty)
USB (connected to Xbox)
Headset (filled by green cord coming from a y cable which leads to the actual headphones with the pink cord being the other half of the "Y" not plugged in)

This setup alone is the only way i have found that i can actually tell I am getting support from both devices, I just do not know how to use the chat feature.
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I believe you can use the Mix-amp or the DSS, but not together, as they both do the same function.

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yeah, they do do the same function. the setup was supposed to be like

Xbox-Mixamp-Y cable-DSS-Headset

obviously you wont get "improved surround sound" because it passes from the mixamp to the DSS which is not connected with another optical cable. The only thing that happens is you get a bass boost from the DSS and with the max volume and chat volume nearly maxed on the mixamp, you can just use the DSS to increase volume even further than you could with the mixamp alone if necessary
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