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IEM's with removable cables: Onkyo IE-HF300 vs Shure 315 vs Shure 425 vs Westone w10 vs any other universal fit IEM's with a removable cable? 

Guess what I got for Christmas a decent portable audio source, the iBasso DX50 and now I need a good pair of IEM's with a removable cable as no matter how careful I am the cable is always the first thing to go wrong on my IEM's.  My budget is roughly £200 ($325ish) and the sound I'm looking for is relatively flat one with a emphasis on bass that is not overbearing or muddy. I haven't owned any decent IEM's other than a pair of bose IEM's (can't remember what model) so this will be my first foray into decent audio.


Are there any other IEM's others than those listed in the title that also fill my criteria and which offer the best all round package?

Thank you.