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Looking to buy first ever quality headphones

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Hi there!

This is my first post and I'm newly interested in high quality headphones. I was about to buy some Beats Pro but decided against it since I know there are other quality headphones out there that sound better.

I was referred here by someone on Amazon, I went through the site and love it. I am looking to purchasing some quality headphones. I would like noise canceling since I love in a city university and spend long hours in the library doing coding. I listen to all kinds of genres but I listen to jazz, hip hop, rock and music from the movies. My budget is $300 and I would be using my iPhone, iPad, and laptop primarily. I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro I believe but read that they aren't noise canceling?
What's open and closed ear headphones? That confuses me
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hi, welcome :)

open design = sound leak, non portable. In general, open design offers better sound quality compared to close design.

close design = no sound leak and can be used on the go. This will be suitable for your needs.


are you looking for active noise cancelling phones?

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get iem's if sound isolation is very important to you.


Otherwise i suggest the sennheiser momentums.

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I was looking for some noise canceling, but I heard that the noise canceling technology doesn't produce music as good as it should from interference? From what I have read today. So I am looking for something closed where it won't bother anyone in the library, I'm a college student, and I spend about 6 -8 hours a night there doing some work daily. I have gotten tired of replacing broken in ear ones and they lead to discomfort after a while of use.

Thanks for the link I will take a look to it and see what I can read up on them, really appreciate it!

I heard of the momentums and was looking into them earlier today. What do your think of the bower and Wilkins p7? While I have heard their speakers at the apple store I once got to demo their headphones and fell in love with them. But claim to need an amp to fully enjoy the quality of the headphones.

I am new to this world of headphones but I have gotten tired of replacing in ear ones and am looking for something to use for a while. Any suggestions would be great and what your thoughts are on the p7. I will be looking into the ones you guys have suggested and truly appreciate it.
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have you looked K 550, DT 770 32 Ohm and sennheiser momentum (available in two versions on ear and over ear). These do not need a dedicated dac/amp.

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I dont know anything about the b&w headphones unfortunately.


What sort of sound are you looking for by the way?

Do you like bass? Do you want bass slam(mid bass) or bass rumble(sub bass)?How much can you tolerate treble/sibilance? Do you like hearing all the different instruments in the track? (forward upper midrange)


Also noise isolation is much better than noise cancelling.

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If you get an IEM, make sure the cable isn't "microphonic," i.e., bears noise into the ear. You can search Joker's guide: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/. Enter a minimum value for microphonics of 4.5 (or maybe 4).


One closed model to look at for jazz and rock is SRH840. It's warm and reasonably clear, but you'll have to mod the headband. I'm just throwing that out there; there are many in this price range.

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Sennheiser hd25 maybe, they have good portability and isolation.
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I was actually looking into the momentums and must say I like the reviews I have read, so I have put those up with the possibility of purchasing. Thanks for your reply once again!


I would like to be taken over by the music. I would like to be able to hear everything going on in the track but be so enjoyable. I like bass but not much of it, I guess that's what steered me away from the Beats Pro, it was all that bass that overpowered my songs. As far as treble, I don't mind as long as it's not drowned out. But I have been looking through this board and see that isolation is way better than noise canceling so I am looking into isolation. So far I have the momentums and p7,


Thanks for the suggestions I will be sure to check those out!

I was looking at those at the guitar center website yesterday, and I was looking at the sennheiser HD 389 pro as well. Ever use those?

I truly appreciate your help guys, I received a Bose last Christmas but gave it to my sister since they were on ear and would like something that covers my ears up just because I feel like I pick up more sounds and music stuff through them. Another thing is, I listen too a lot of podcasts and watch netflix on my laptop when I do stay at the library or walk around the city once in awhile.
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Just went to B B and got to try the P7 and Momentums. I liked the Momentums best because they weren't as big on my ears and provided better isolation from the noise on the outside of it. Just placed my order for the Momentums!
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