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so I will be using a astro mixamp and a turtle beach xp seven audio control unit to test them both and see which is better for the surround sound processing and overall experience and immersion. I will be using the beyerdynamic dt770/80. since the astro mixamp is rated for 32 ohms I will also have to use another amp in between the headphones and mixamp so I'll be using the o2 amp.

like this, ps4 (optical) out> mixamp> o2 amp (using 3.5mm)> headphones

so my question is this... I purchased o2 AMP only because the ODAC/amp combo has a mini usb input for the dac although I would really want the combo because it has many other uses like just listening to music on my pc or phone or whatever and the quality will be better. so is it possible to buy the odac/amp combo and buy a mini usb to 3.5mm female jack so I could use it on my ps4 set-up?