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For Sale:
Philips N 6330 Sextett MP, made by AKG in Austria

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling the famous Philips N 6330, made in Austria by AKG around 1980. Well known for being used at the Wisseloord studios in Hilversum.

They have the same Sextett drivers as the K 240 Sextett MP.

See this thread:


The impedance is 600 ohm, sensitivity is 94 dB, they are semi-open.

The logo badges are gone, the adapter plug is new.

Some internal wires were loose when I got them, they have been neatly resoldered.

The pads are rather flat. I use a piece of a power cable as a pad raiser, which works but new pads are better I suppose.

I'll add various peices of felt , velour and foam pieces to cover the driver grill. So you can make your own damping scheme for preferred sound.


I had these before and sold them due to discomfort. (Most of my headphones are sold because of this.)

But I missed the sound and bought them back when I had the chance.

This time I tried the following pads, hoping to get more comfort:

-AKG velours: medium comfort, good sound

-stock AKG vinyl: bad comfort, good sound

-MrSpeakers Dog pads: medium comfort, way too much bass


Still not able to get a acceptable comfort for my big head and jumbo ears, the biggest disappointment was that none of my amps was able to drive them properly.

These are really hard do drive. Best amp for this Sextett is a OTL tube amp, which I don't have anymore.


Hence the sale.

Note that I'm a nitpicker when it comes to comfort, most likely you don't have a problem with them at all.

Mind you, I can't even stand the Mr Speakers Alpha pads


Got them cheap, sell them cheap.

Shipping worldwide and accepting PayPal.

The asking price is 25,- Euro plus shipping.

No offers please.

I'll ship worldwide, with or without tracking.
If payment by Playpal, please add 4 %.
For payment by bankwire, I can provide IBAN and BIC (Europe only).
Shippingcost will vary from within the Netherlands, areas within Europe or the rest of the world outside Europe. See
The weight of the parcel is under the 2 kilo.

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