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Which 31-band hardware EQ would you recommend?

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I'm looking for a hardware EQ as I'm tired of having to look for the headphones that comes with the balance I'm looking for "^--" shape as basshead headphones aren't getting the same kind of lovin' as other expensier headphones so they usually have more of a variety in the mids and highs and there's a very few of those who are higher quality and has a nice mids vs highs balance and still high enough of a bass boost.

Do any of you have any ideas what 31-band EQ to look for? I don't think I need a lot of bells n wistles beside the EQ functionality. Price range would be roughly 100 - $400.

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If you are listening from your PC as the source, you could try a SW eq.

Another interesting option might be a parametric EQ - where you can set the center freq, width and the amount of boost/cut.

There are also SW PEQ plugins.
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I know there is SW but I want a HW solution because I want any kind of stream, also a WASAPI output be affected before it reaches the headphone driver and I believe hardware EQs probably do the job a little better as I've tried a few software EQs in the past but the only good one that worked well IMO was running directly on the Audigy2 ZS card's hardware layer thanks to kX Audio drivers. I've looked at that Behringer one and a lot of people vouch for it but it also seems to have issues with overheating why I get second thoughts. Also the connectors get a little tricky. I plan to run from the motherboard's soundcard to the amp, I hear you need to buy some kind of special converter cable to even get it to work with that EQ and I have no idea exactly what cable and where to grab it (I'm from Finland).

Let's put it this way, all the outputs/inputs found on the EQ itself are unfamiliar to me so kinda green on this area.

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Behringer FBQ6200

Im using it with my Power Amp's on my gigs.

You can check it out.

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Originally Posted by Sennhy90 View Post

Behringer FBQ6200

Im using it with my Power Amp's on my gigs.

You can check it out.

I've studied the Behringer brand quite well and this one hasn't gotten that much good feedback, quite a lot of negative too, especially that it hasn't got the most neutral sound possible, seems to color the sound to be noticeably warmer even if no adjustments are made. If so I'd much rather spend the extra on the DEQ2496 which seems to satisfy also a lot of audiophiles. Just that particular model I'm slightly worried about the overheating issues as I tend to listen for many hrs a row daily pretty often and I may not even always forget to shut it off as I'm that kind of guy that prefers to just have everything on, that and the tricky connectivity for a headphone setup that is to be used with stereo outputs.

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Right , it has some overheating issues but i just modded cooling so if wont make any problems while im playing my gig.

It isn't the best but yeah. You can also go with ART HQ231 which is Dual 31 Band. It seems to have some good feedback.

One of my friends is using it and he says that it can get a bit hot but not too hot. He is using it with Pioneer amp + laptop.

For me , it's more than enough for daily use with PC.

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Most pro gear has both balanced and unbalanced connections. If you don't know what balanced means, then stick with unbalanced. Unbalanced is just good 'ol two-wire left & right stereo. That Behringer PEQ I linked has balanced input/output, so yes, you would need to convert. It's not a huge deal, but I can see where it would be easier to just stick with consumer audio gear instead of pro gear. Pro gear does often have other issues (like ambient noise from fans and/or overheating). Unfortunately, consumer audio EQ boxes aren't nearly as common now as they were back in the 70s & 80s.

Unfortunately, I have no specific recommendations... Good luck!
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I, too, am looking for parametric equalizer hardware, but you beat me to starting a thread about it. Thank you.


I came across this thread, http://www.head-fi.org/t/644787/would-this-rackmount-parametric-equalizer-work-for-removing-hrtf-from-headphones, which isn't so keen on using the Behringers with headphones (as opposed to speakers). So I'm currently at a standstill.

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