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Who got headphones?

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I posted this in portable where I tend to post more but I hope it's OK to ask here as well.
Who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if they were a present to yourself but post anyway.
Very happy holidays to all. smily_headphones1.gif
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Im trying to spend my xmas money on the alpha dogs but the website is down. FML.

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Beyer T90s. I had sneak listening sessions for the past couple weeks.


I adore them.

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Beyer DT770 Pro/250's and a Fiio E11 to power them. Runs like a charm. Also my first High quality headphones!

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Sennheiser Momentum. Trying to get used to the ear cups. Hope they get more comfortable/break in with time


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He400. I don't have them yet but they will be here Friday.
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Originally Posted by Modular View Post

He400. I don't have them yet but they will be here Friday.


Victimized by UPS?

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Sony XBA-3
Etymotic HF5
Sennheiser Momentum
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Signed up to this website looking for a pair of headphones to replace my $30-40 headphones, as a present to myself..  Started with a budget of ~$75.. 


Ended up with DT-880 Pros and a FiiO E7/E9 combo. :dt880smile: 

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What if I have a split personality, does that count?, I'm I allowed to tell you that we bought myself a nice pair of limited edition Bushmills Grados, wich, by the way, sound wonderful.


HEY!, what did I tell you about posting in my threads? what do you mean your thread, this is MY thread!, and those are MY Bushmills Grados!

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B&W P7s. First headphone purchase in a few years. I've been sidetracked collecting firearms but I'm back. Also picked up a Gilmore Lite and DPS for an office rig. Had a Gilmore a few years ago and sold it to a friend. There may be better out there now but nostalgia brought me back. I'm really waiting to see what the new Oppo HA-1 Is all about.
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beyerdynamics dt880 250 Ohm and the M&M Schiit stack... really liking it alot.

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I got my first real pair of headphones and first ever amp with the money from my family/partner for christmas.


Got a pair of dt770's pro 80ohms and a Fiio e10, it's exciting to enter the world of highish end headphones. Well I had tried a pair of creative aurvanna lives, a pair of dt990s and my favorite so far the sony ma900's last year. Though due to money at the time, they all had to go back and I couldn't keep them.


I love the amp so far, though I may send back the dt770's and go a bit higher end or something different in the price range. I don't like them so far, still burning them in but the soundstage/musical separation is terrible on them. I know they are closed, but people praised them for having good soundstage and musical separation for being closed cans.


I am not expecting them to be as good as open in that department, though I expected them to be atleast better than the cals at 3 times the price.


Will give them another 3-4 days burning in and if nothing changes will see what else is great in the same category. Wish I could go open.

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Got my first pair of open phones. DT880 pro along with my first amp/dac the E10.

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But my GF got one, RE-400 to replace her earpod

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