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Need Help Finding In-Ear Earphones $90 max

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Ill start by saying i'm not looking for anything extravagant, i haven't owned a decent pair of headphones so im not really sure what im looking for. I just want something that will give me a good experience for my first pair that cost more than $10 lol. I have looked around at some beginner guides and helpful posts, i just dont think i know enough yet to make an educated decision.


Ill be using the earphones for jogging and exercising and just casual everyday listening around the house or w/e. I listen to a pretty wide variety of music such as rock, D&B, Rap, Metal, Techno and all the sub-genre's and whatnot. Id like a pair with nice bass but not too much. Pretty much looking to spend around 60ish, but going to $90 isn't too big of a deal. For now i don't want to go any higher than that for a pair of headphones.


Thanks for all of your time, i know its kind of a moronic post and i could probably just find them myself. But i just like to make sure i get something of quality recommended by people who know what they are doing, instead of taking a chance on what i think is good.


Also wanted to add the main device ill be using them with is a HTC One cell phone.

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still looking for a pair


I found these any opinions on them?


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Not sure what the rules on bumping are, but bump.

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Hi mate - please don't get them senn buds. They're not good at all.


Please refer to this thread:




If you're looking for headphones for running/jogging, then that function should be more/as important as sound quality. That's what I would feel anyway. 

I've come across these ones and they're okay:


Better than the cx300 for sure.



If you're still stuck then search for 'earphones for exercise' in the search box. It's best to consider the most recent relevant posts/threads above others. The world of IEM's moves very fast - can't keep up myself!

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The RHA 750i curls behind your ear, and has been reviewed as an excellent earphone.
I'm likely to get one unless someone tells me there is better out there
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Thanks for the replies, ill go through that large compilation of IEM's and see what fits me.

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