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Need help finding my first IEM.

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For the past year I've been using my Phillips Fidelio L1s and I've loved them but now I'm wondering what the world of In-ear monitors has to offer. I know that custom ones are generally more expensive so unless there are cheap ones then I'll have to stray away from that for now. My budget is about 300 and I have no idea where to start. If anyone can list some models and manufacturers that would be great. Your own personal experiences with any IEMs you own would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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First off, i'm a bit of a noob and don't really have much to compare to but, my main set of IEM's are the Klipsch Image X10's.  They are easily the best earbuds I have ever owned and I was able to buy them through one of amazon's deals for only 80 bucks (MSRP is 350).  Right now they are selling for around 140 which is still a great deal in my opinion.  As for the sound, the bass is absolutely amazing as are the highs, most of the mids as well.  Personally I think there is this specific short range of frequencies towards the mid that I think sound a bid muffled but, you probably wouldn't notice it unless you were really trying to find it.  I could also be crazy.


Besides the Klipsch, I believe Shure makes some good IEM's as well (never owned a pair).  You could check out the SE425's, which are in your price range at about 270.

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Roonin, It would help if you could give us a little idea what type of sound you are looking for. Neutral, v-shaped (boosted bass and treble), bass monsters etc..... Also, what will you use for a source?


My favorite IEM's under $300 are the DUNU DN1000's. These have great bass, excellent mid and treble detail and are easily driven from a modest source such as my RockBox'd Sansa Clip Zip.

Also, check into the HifiMan Re series. There are some detailed reviews on this site. I recommend you check out ljokerl's excellent Multi-IEM review:




Good luck!

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Well dang, that completely slipped my mind, haha. I guess a V-shaped sound would be great. If not then neutral would do me just fine, I'm not /too/ picky.
As a source I use my computer and android phone with a FiiO E7.

Thank you for your recommendations, I'll check those out!

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I own Philips Fidelio L1 and Yamaha Eph-100. Both are warm sounding but Yamaha's are more detailed, and also have more bass impact. Voices sound less nasal and highs are a bit more extended, but not much.


Best Luck!

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The Yamaha EPH-100's are nice for around $100. I really love the hybrid Dunu DN100's for around $200. They both have good bass response and excellent detail, though the Dunu's have the edge in the mids and highs. The Dunu's are very nice sounding and have killer bass response. The mids and highs are very detailed, airy and smooth. Several members have recommended the Astrotec AX60 ($329) and the T-PEOS H-200 for around $250. There is a thread comparing the three: 



Hope that helps!

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