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Hey guys I have a quick question... I am trying to get high quality virtualized surround sound in combination with 24bit / 96khz... finding it to be very hard to accomplish...


 I am using a 7.1 mix amp that has 16 bit 48khz sound... It has a female 3.5mm jack, I have plugged in a fiio e6 to the mixamp as an experiment to see if it would even work, and it did I noticed an increase in sound quality. 


My question would be if I were to buy the Fiio E07k and set it to 96khz 24 bit, would the e07k decode it to 24 bit/ 96khz or would the 16bit/ 48khz be funneling through from the mixamp?


Because my computer only would recognize the mixamp as a USB device, and then the fiio would be plugged via 3.5mm... What do you think?