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Wanted: HifiMan Headphones Modification Partner

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HifiMan Headphones Modification Partner

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, I'm looking for someone in USA and maybe Europe who can disassemble and re-assemble HifiMan headphones at about $65 per modification to keep costs reasonable for people who cannot fit D.I.Y. mod cups.


You keep all cash for each mod, I'm just trying to offer an alternative way for people to get their HFM cans modded to wood cups.

Takes about 2 hours to do.


Preference given to a student/unemployed person looking to get some hardware upgrade cash who has a genuine interest in the headphone mod scene. Prefer someone who has done mods on several cans before... Fostex etc.

Contact me by PM please.

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Not to offer anyone's service, but you might contact Modular and inquire. 



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Ah, yeah. Modulor was my first choice but he is too busy.

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I would be interested, but shipping things into and out of Canada is stupid :(

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