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Grado SR80i and Fiio E10

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(I am from Sweden, and my English isn't the best)


Im looking for to buy The Grado SR80i and Fiio E10. Do you guys think that is a good start for a beginner on Headphons/Hi-Fi? <----Grado Sr80i<---- Fiio E10


Have a good Christmas!


/ Goblix

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I think it would be a good start into headphones. Though, you may want to post your music preferences to see if the Grado is right for you, and if you're ok with on ear instead of over ear (circumaural) headphones.

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It doesn't strictly need an amp, but it could use an aftermarket headband and L-cushions.

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I think i will skip the Amp xD .. i think that i can learn the headphones first and then check if it is worth it!

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I listen to all kind of music, but these i just want to have with classical music and rock!.. i have tested these before and i think they are perfectly made for rock and classical music! :)

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