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Noble 4 Impressions Thread - Page 2

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My Noble 4 review is up:


If only I waited a few more weeks I could've gotten the Wizard design N4.

All I can do now is drool... finest universal iem's and ciem's indeed!

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subscribed - thanx for the heads up , marc0

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You're making me drool over the Noble 4 d marc0.:D

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It is not for everyone... Some will still find it lacking in bass quantity. But then again, it's nothing a simple bass boost can fix.
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I'm a big fan of the Etymotic ER4PT so I guess this will be an upgrade.

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Then you'll definitely like the N4.
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Great I must try one soon or maybe wait for the new Noble FR or Noble PR
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Okay, be honest people, am I the only one who keeps thinking of "Frequency Response" and "Public Relations" whenever I'm reading the Noble thread ever since they announced their new products?

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Lol! Same here...
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this looks as a nice upgrade to my 262/272/eq5.....

now if we can find some money....

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I am interested to know if anyone has paired the Noble 4 with AK100/rwak100? If so how is it performing and are you using an amp?
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Also is there an aftermarket tip that people feel is a worthy upgrade?
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Originally Posted by Paulo83 View Post

Also is there an aftermarket tip that people feel is a worthy upgrade?

I personally prefer it with Ortofon tips.

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Hi guys! The Noble 4 (universal) Australian Tour is now active:

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Hi Marc0, been interersted in Noble's line of product  especially the 4, do you have any comparison with any other 4 driver iem's such as the Heir 4 ai, Westone 4 or ue900?

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