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Hey guys, I wanna take my setup to the next level again by purchasing a USB DAC. right now I am using an iBasso DX100 as a DAC in combination with my HiFiMAN EF-6, the headphone I use the most right now is my Fostex TH-900. I am in love with this combination, the sound is amazing, but I got tired quickly of having to charge my DX100 like every 2 days. so now I am looking for a USB DAC with a budget of around 1300-1500$, I did a little research and I just find it hard to wrap my head around it right now, there are just so many USB DAC's that are getting great reviews, that it is very hard for me to just pick one. I am also wondering if this would improve the sound quality of my setup over the DX100, or if it would just be a side-grade. any recommendations are appreciated. thanks in advance.