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Hifimediy Saber DAC problem

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Old audiophile here...but more or less noob to digital audio. Bought a Hifimediy Saber model 10000033 with ES9023 and SA9023 (incl. USB to optical converter feature) to upgrade a little bit from an ELE DAC. I'm wondering if I purchased the wrong model or just don't know what I'm doing. The ELE was basically plug and play on my Win 7 Toshiba laptop but the Saber is either the wrong model (wondering if the USB to optical conv. is something I don't understand and why it won't work) or maybe just a bad unit or if I need to download different drivers or change my sound settings. If anyone can help me out I will totally put in a good word with Santa on your behalf. Also don't know if it's because my digital files are too low res for this DAC. Just grasping at straws at this point. TIA for any help.

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Aw man. Nobody has any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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Now I'm REALLLLLY pissed. My wife got it to work on her POS circa 2008-9 MacBook. :confused_face_2:

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hello, no experience with the hifimediy sabre but i did have a usb amp/dac (aune t1). did you make sure that you have your hifimediy sabre usb device selected as default audio? right click on the speaker icon on the buttom right control panel > playback devices > select the hifimediy sabre usb as default. may have to do this as well with your audio player, i use foobar.


i would have to do this when switching between my sound card and usb dac. only thing i can think of off the top of my head. hopefully it solves your issue.

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Can't seem to find any settings that allow it to work or even allow it to recognize the device and download the drivers. It does work on my son's desktop running Win7 Ultimate and also works on only one USB output on my own desktop/media server running Win7 Pro. My son is suggesting I buy a powered USB hub and see if that makes a difference.

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I have the same dac but with TE7022 chip that is plug and play with windows, linux etc. It doesn't work with android 4.0. But I think W7 should be plug and play with the sa9023 chip. So it is a matter of looking at the hardware devices in windows. Maybe in the systemtray volume icon> rightclick > audio properties. Or conf scr hardware you should be able to find hardware identified as HifimeDIY.

In foobar you can select any identified soundchip either as DS-... (or KS-...) It will send the sound to only that output device, no matter what sounddevice is registered in windows.

And the little socket is not very sturdy I noticed. Insert all the way but be gentle.

Add of course in order to get an optical signal you need a toslink like this:
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My son the computer geek suggested a powered USB hub. :blink: Told him to leave audio to me and just play his WoW. Finally decided to buy one and try it.  Dang it I hate it when he's right! LOL

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Well, you did not say how you plugged it in and where. Of course it needs 5V power. I presumed you plugged it straight into the computer. Then a powered hub makes no sense.
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I did plug it straight into the computer. For some reason I couldn't get it to work from ANY of the USB outputs on my laptop and only one (of 5) on my desktop. Not sure why. Wrote the people at HiFimediy and they were stumped as well. Just glad it works now. Wonder if I should now get a USB isolator. Anyone have any experience with them?

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