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Headphone For Cycling

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I go to work by bike, and tried different headphones:


My Koss Clip ons and Shure 215/425


The Koss are kind of open, and the noise of the wind get's amplificated! 

The Shure isolate too much (could be dangerous not hearing cars...), and I can still hear the wind in my ears with this full Shure isolation...


Has anybody experience with headphones that actually eliminate the noise of the wind? That's all I'm asking for :)



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Logitech UE 600 in ear headphones are great for me.  They offer a good sound quality and great road/wind noise isolation since they're sealed.  

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Originally Posted by maxipad View Post

Logitech UE 600 in ear headphones are great for me.  They offer a good sound quality and great road/wind noise isolation since they're sealed.  

They are also noise cancelling. Do you still hear honking cars?

And the wind, does it disappear totally?

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I totally thought the topic was headphones for crying...

The shures were really comfy for me under a helmet but I see how it can be dangerous...
I will get the UE 900 soon and will comment on their comfort/isolation vs the se215s
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I use an iPod shuffle with a FiiO Fujiyama amp and a variety of IEMs (ID Americas, Skullcandy Heavy Medals and FMJs, Marleys); enough oomph to hear it, but also allow you to be aware of what is going on around you...

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It's unsafe and it might also be illegal to use headphones on your bike.


Your safety is more important than any momentary pleasure. Please reconsider this plan.

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No it isnt unsafe to ride with headphones. It is very much possible to listen to music and be aware of what's going on around you.

OP - I ride with the Sennheiser/Adidas clip on ear buds (always ear buds or on-ears, never in-ears, obviously). Wind noise can't be avoided, although it isn't too bad.
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Noted re keeping it civil and appreciate the gentle warning, mighty overlord  :)   Sorry about that (although I have to confess, that was civil compared to what I wanted to write).



Originally Posted by Claritas View Post

What it means is that when you consciously lead another down the wrong path, you're responsible if something bad happens to him.


You've made your point - cycling with headphones is going to cause immediate death and dismemberment.   Can I *politely* request that we stop flogging this horse and move on now?   Or you can take it to the Advocacy forums on


OP - back to your question:  I've tried the Koss headphones and they are indeed prone to a lot of wind-noise.   I find ear-buds better.    These are my favorite ones right now:


Also, if you want to cut down on wind noise, check these out:


There was a study that said that people tended to slow down when the wind noise in the ears increased - so another benefit of the Slipstreamz is that it may even make you a little faster :)

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So what do you want, IEM's, on ear, over ear, what?


Beyerdynamic DTX 501p would be one possible choice for on-ear closed, light, looks and sounds good. 

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