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HD650s -- Disappointed with Audioengine D1 + FIIO E17!

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OK guys. I have decided to return my FIIO E17 which is driving my HD650s. Honestly, compared to the Cirrus Logic 4206B in my 2012 Mac Mini, I honestly can't tell any difference from the Sennheiser HD650, even with FLAC music files. I am not an audiophile, but I do appreciate good music.

To make matters worse, the firmware in the E17s is VERY VERY buggy. The hardware feels very solid, but the software interface is atrocious.  The hardware feels good, but FIIO really dropped the ball with the firmware.

I constantly experience pops, sound hiccups, and once a day I have to disconnect the USB cable and reconnect. I even experienced my FIRST BSOD with Windows 8 (WTF) when I disconnected the USB cable. Overall, I am really disappointed, even for the $90 price tag from Adorama. 


I know I shouldn't complain for the $90 price tag, but what other options do I have for less than <$200 for my HD650s? 

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Amps under $200 for HD650?

The Objective 2 amp is a very transparent and neutral amp, and it has good power for the 650. It's $150.

The Schiit Vali would also do a good job for this price range, and it's a warmer amp than the O2 if you like music that ways. It's $120.

The Fiio E09K is the lowest cost option at $110, and it would drive them reasonably good.

If you like a warm sound, the Little Dot MKII can be found under $200. Though the Little Dot MKIII costs $240 with shipping and would be a legitimate amp for the HD600 at a price really close to your budget.

I have am HD600, so i expect what sounds good with them will also sound good with an HD600.

Good luck!
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I am sorry for the stupidity but if I get the "Vali Subminiature Hybrid Headphone Amplifier", do I need a DAC as well?  I will running this with a Mac Mini



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You don't need one but you would see a substantial improvement with a 99 dollar Modi, more with better amps....
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