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Just read through all these, really helpful. Many thanks to everyone above.


I'm on the same boat you were on Loki. I use to have a Beyerdynamic A1 from my room mate when he graduated. I used it with my own FiiO E17 as a DAC and that works well. But obviously the A1 is not for the Q701 and this forced me to think about getting something and a fairly cheap price. The A1 was accidentally broken a few months ago and this brings me the same problem as yours.


I bought the aune t1 too and will probably try it out next Monday. (Just kind of surprised to see someone else in such a similar situation :p )

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Got my "upgraded" Aune T1 in this weekend from amazon with a 6922 tube. I can tell you that the amp does power the Q701s wonderfully with the volume control being respectable to wanted levels, I usually have the volume around 60-70% and anything over is a bit more then I want. 


Fit and Finish-

Amazing, feels super solid, nice looking, option to leave the ugly tube protectors off without distracting from the visual pleasure of the amp. I will say I wish they changed places with the on/off switch and the line/usb switch. I will be turning the amp on and off more then I will be switching it from line to usb so having the on/off switch on top instead would be a better choice. Under the tube they have decided to add a white LED, I think I would prefer a orange one but I can change that myself if I want. 



The sound is very respectful out of the box, I have nothing to compare it to but I will say it is a very clean sound with some crisp. I love the option to tube roll cause since I am a trance guy I love warm sounds, this isnt cold but it is mild in my opinion. I do still have to wait till both the headphones and amp fully burn in. I have about 24-32 hours into both of them. The highs are just a bit to high and the lows arent very low. I know the Q701 wont shake my head but I still want some thump. I get enough thumb to not want to get rid of them at least. Hopefully this will change over time, or i find a more suitable tube, or do the clothe mod. 


The DAC on this works great. I havent had any issues with any computer finding and using the DAC and the DAC does use the tube so you get an amazing bang for your buck there. You can even use the RCA cables in junction with the DAC and tube. So you can output to two speakers from your computer. 


Long story short-

If you have the 701s and want a tube/DAC amp for an affordable price. I would recommend this one. There are a few out there that offer what the Aune t1 does but they all have shown issues in the reviews ive read, channel imbalance, tube doesnt work with DAC, no DAC, etc. This gives you great sound, great price, great options, and great looks. If you know what sound you want then you can just look up the tube that will provide that sound and play with it! 


I hope my short review helps. I will report back when both are broke in and can upload pictures if you want. 


Thank you. 

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FYI, there is a Q701 mod you can read about on the Q701 appreciation thread -- it is supposed to increase the bass. I never tried it with my Q701, but some people rave about it. It involves removing the central parts of the cups and peeling off a little sticker covering a hole behind the driver. Definitely read up on the details before you try it, but it might give you what you're looking for. 

Another possibility is to just use some EQ. 

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I mentioned that in my post, that is the cloth mod. I will try it if I am not happy with the response when the headphones are burned in completely. 

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