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Sennheiser's for me

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Hello , i want to get new Sennheisers for my collection but i want now some good HD's that will be suitable for me.

From Sennheiser i got PC 320 and HD 205 for now. Latest headphones that i got are HD 205's but they are too tight [Didn't know much about them]


So , im listening to House music. I like the bass but i like to hear some clear highs too AND i want them to be COMFORTABLE.

I will use them for music listening from my phone and sometimes i will play some games on PC with a good sound card [Audigy 2 ZS]

Oh yeah , im kinda Semi-Audiophile and a DJ :)


Any help will be appreciated.


Sorry for my English :)

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Without knowing what your budget is like, it's hard to make a very good recommendation, but I would advise you to look at HD600. They're a bit on the expensive side, but they feature fantastic, nearly-neutral sound that features a competent (not very big, though) bass response and clear mids and treble. Also, if you ever upgrade your system, the HD600 will let you hear it. Alternatively, look at HD650, their supposedly bassier sibling.

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My budget is 200$ for that price i can buy HD 518 here in Iceland.


Things are pretty......Very expensive here.


HD 600 costs 700$ so yeah.

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Alright, so the HD600 is out, then. Then, if I were you, I'd go to a place where I could demo a pair of headphones and check to see if the HD518 offers the sound you're after. The open backed Sennheisers are all pretty well known for comfort, so if they sound right, then they would probably be a good choice.

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Thank you for help :)

I was reading pretty much about HD 518's yesterday and i will buy them.

Some people also say that they are entry level  Audiophile grade so it will be satisfied i guess.

Also , they are comfortable. One shop here in Iceland called ELKO allows to try headphones before buying them so i will see how they lay on my head and if they are comfortable for me.


Yeah , i got PC 320. They are Open-Back and sometimes i forget that im even wearing them.


Again , Thank You.


Best Regards and Merry Chirstmas!

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