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Listen some more.
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I like PlayerPro.
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AS I said, I have been using Neutron since I got my new HTC M8, also on previous Android devices, felt it was the better sounding (had also bought PowerAmp, uninstalled). My HTC came with a trial PlayerPro, tried it. My sense is that the Poweramp sounded best, next Neutron, next PlayerPro (strictly SQ-have uninstalled Neutron in the past for its UI, which was a headache). Not extensive listening, will try to get to compare some more
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PlayerPro has been good to me.
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i tried various players on my moto hd maxx.  played the same 30 sec snips over and over on different players.  got confused at some points which player i was even listening with, which was a good thing because it eliminated the effect of any preconceptions. neutron was noticeably better than all others.  note i was listening to 320mbs mp3's only, acoustic jazz and classical only, no flacs or other lossless.

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I'm back in the Neutron camp as well, use it exclusively on my Samsung YP whatever (their 5 inch version of iPod Touch), sounds much better than stock, better than other players noted above.
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I spent some hours comparing Poweramp and Neutron. Don't hear any difference.

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Could be,no need to bother with it then, I hear a big difference, Neutron sounds much better imo.
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Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post

Could be,no need to bother with it then, I hear a big difference, Neutron sounds much better imo.

Yup, me too. Still, everyone's ears are different.
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Anyone tried both (Neutron & PowerAmp) output to USB DAC (particularly Samsung S3)?

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I've tried all the Android players with my E18 and Neutron (flat) is far superior. Neutron also has, by a long way, the best EQ of all - if you know how to use it.
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I've just finished testing both Poweramp and Neutron on various hires source files and on my HTC One M8 I've come down on the side of Poweramp - much to my surprise.

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My old ipod gen. 5 that I've been using as a player into the Aux input in my car,  and occasionally with $100 Etymotic ear phones on planes or at home, just died.   

I thought about replacing it with an affordable player ($100-200 range).  But many say these players aren't much better sounding than iPod.  This made me consider using my Samsung Note2 as my player , and installing Neutron or Poweramp.      

Question:  normally I just sync my iPod with my Mac iTunes.   What is the most convenient way to sync the Note 2 (with Neutron or Poweramp) to my iMac ?     I have itunes,  but also a separate folder with FLAC and AIFF files, some hi-res. 

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You could download & install Android File Transfer and just drag 'n' drop. That's what I do but then I don't use iTunes as its a terrible straight jacket.
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I tried Android File Transfer on my iMac (Yosemite) to copy music to my Note 2.  I can only get it make the connection intermittantly.  Both Neutron and Poweramp (trial versions) automatically scanned and put any/all audio into their libraries - including ringtones and audio clips from Google Navigation (!)  - seems very weird.  I'll work on it some more, but this kind of thing drives me crazy. .  

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