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Looking for new IEM

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So I need new pair of IEM.
My range budget is 70$-80$.
The most important thing is the quality of the sound
and a little bit of bass ( the bass is important but less than sound quality ).
I'm listen to Pop, Rock, Rap, Dubstep, Elctro, Classic.

I thought about:

AKG Q350
Sol Republic Jax
JBL Tempo J01A
Noisehush nx80
VSonic gr06
Creative Ep 630
Sennheiser cx280 / cx310 / cx500 / CX300ii / CX400ii

I didn't check the price but that the IEM recommend to me.

The IEM for my Phone ( Galaxy S3 )
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I would suggest the Vsonic GR06 or the Vsonic VSD1 or:


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Thanks anyone else?
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Originally Posted by BeRelax View Post

Thanks anyone else?
hmmm hippo pro one? That has one ba driver. And it it quite good
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I don't like them.
More people
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You might want to check out the Brainwavz M2. They are well built and have good bass response.

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I have only tried the cx 300ii on ur list. I think its good for its price

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