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HD280 vs ATH-M50

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones to replace my Sennheiser HD201s which broke (plastic headband cracked when I sat on them by accident :o ).


My budget is limited to $100.. I'm trying to decide between the Sennheiser HD280 pro and Audio Technica ATH-M50.

I listen almost exclusively to trance(vocal, progressive, etc), would love to get some feedback from people who listen to similar music on either of these headphones.


What would you recommend for my case? Is there any significant difference between the two, and would one be significantly better for trance/electronic music(quality of mids/vocals is especially important to me)


Also I am not planning on using an amp; I will be listening primarily from my laptop or android phone.

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JVC HA-S680 headphones, $81 (eBay).

Should work better with portable audio, then the HD280 Pro & ATH-M50.

Working with the laptop should be no problem either.

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