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2013 is a meaningful year for DUNU. Not only release the China first hybrid 3 unit earphone (sold over 3000 units), cooperating with The Voice of China on I 5C. The most importantly, establish strategical cooperation with FiiO in Beijing exhibition. FiiO is known for the hi-definition player and amplifier. This month, FiiO held a product release for their X5 player in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tainjin, Wusih, and Shanghai. DUNU participated in those events as well.

Being a leader brand of China audio equipment, FiiO release the newest lossless player X5. Based on the highly rated X3, the all new X5 is even better and perfect. It would allow user to get the more satisfying sound quality.

X5 adapt the Ti’s OPA1612 audio chip, which is the extremely low noise interference one. The test result shows the distortion rate is below 0.000015%.

X5 use the Beijing Ingenic Semiconductor’s 600MHZ dual core processor 4760B to decode the audio file. Therefore, X5 can support multiple mainstream format files and is able to decode 192K/24B format

With brand new X5 UI, the operation is pretty easy. The metal build with aluminum cutting, looks the high technology sense. The touch on hand is excellent.

FiiO leaks it’s full product line plan, from entry level X1 to flagship X7. X7 would abandon the button design and change to touch control system to catch up with the trends. No further information available about the tuning and material.

DUNU held join-product release with FiiO this October in Beijing international speaker exhibition. A lot of press and audile came to that exhibition. After the exhibition, the combo set of DN-1000 and X3 made a hot sell on double 11 event in China. (China only event)

In this conference, DUNU also provide DN-1000, DN-2000, DJ-1000 and DN-900 for audiophile to listen to. Also introduce the latest hybrid model DN-900.

After the first China hybrid earphone DN-1000, DUNU brings DN-900. The bass is rich and smooth. Treble is clear and natural. Separation is good. It perfectly combines the hybrid unit’s strength for your listening pleasure at ease.

The hybrid technology DN-900 adapted is hard to tune. However, fine tune can not only compensate the lower clarity of dynamic unit and the low bass quality of balanced armature unit, but also can fully exert the both unit’s potential.

DN-900’s consist of two units. Balanced armature unit is Knowles’ 29689. It’s well known in headphone fields. Dynamic driver brings in the deeps bass. The distinguishing vocal is more prominent. Further enhance the feel of song, gently and smoothly. DN-900 is vocal centre hybrid model. The design idea is to maintain the 29689’s sound quality but add DUNU’s own tuning.

Photos of the conference.

We would like to thank press and audiophiles come to this conference. DUNU and FiiO had a wonderful year. We will provide more delicate, unique and utmost product. Except for the high value products, DUNU will keep on maintaining a trustworthy service and product quality.

Wish you a happy Xmas and New Year.

DUNU Rocky

BTW There is a Facebook event to win DN-1000. Don't miss it
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