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AMP/DAC for DT 990

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Right now I am using the Fiio e10 which is fairly new and it is nice although I am getting some static issues only through my macbook air. Not sure what is up there but it works fine on my computer. It can drive my DT 990-250 well and not going past 30% volume on it (Approx 2.5/8 on volume). But I am looking for something more and also more of a full size dac and amp.


I am looking at getting the Modi and Vali as I hear tube amps are good especially on the 990s. Is it even worth paying that much for? Will it blow me away or anything? Is it much better than the Fiio e10? If it is worth the upgrade the modi/vali or the o2/odac be better? I like the modi/vali looks a lot more and is cheaper but if the o2 is worth more and sounds a lot better it may be worth considering.



What do you think?

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It'll probably be an improvement, but not a mind-blowing experience. I recently upgraded the DAC/AMP I use on my 600 Ohm DT990s and while it's better, it's not like a miracle or anything.

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In my Opinion, the T90 is less of a bitch to drive, than the DT-series. The DT models would need a stronger DAC/AMP combo which they might profite from, than the T-series (or at least the T90 since i didn't heared the others). Because of its great efficiency, it runs great everywhere. i dont say, an amp/dac doesnt matter, but the differences between some cheap solutions (like Fiio E10) and some expensive ones (lets say any 400-600+ bucks DAC/AMPs) should be alot lower, than with other Headphones.

Thats one thing i like on the T90. Technical very near the high end dynamic headphones like HD 800, T1, etc), but its like you can drive tham anywhere. Even on your smartphone they can run great, and they dont sound suddenly trashy, just because you dont have a 250$ amp with you :) For exmpale, my Galaxy S3 sounds maybe just slightly worse than my Asus Phoebus.


But also... this is very subjective. For some difference are barely noticable, for others they are big.

i would say, Keep your E10, and try the T90 out. If you like it, then save for a bigger combo, like the odac/o2 maybe, and try it for yourself, if you hear a differene. If yes, and if its worth for you, keep it. If not, sell it and keep the E10.

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