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For Sale: MDR 1R - Dynamat modded

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For Sale:
MDR 1R - Dynamat modded

Will Ship To: CONUS

This is an MDR 1R dyanamat in pretty good shape- there is one minor scratch on one of the chrome headband pieces, except I have difficulty finding it. You can check the pictures; I tried specifically to show it but its not showing up. Anyways if you are unaware of the dynamat mod for the sony MDR 1R, its pretty great. Also, the product comes with all ccessories: the pouch, control talk cable, and audio only cable.

Here's the Dynamat 1R thread:

The mod is great and definitely tightens up the bass on the headphones along with various other improvements you can check on the thread. The headphones definitely sound much closer to their asking price now.


In case you are wondering why I am selling these- main thing is that I bought a pair of KEF m500s.


If you are outside of the US, we can talk, but as of now I still greatly prefer shipping within the United States.



Anyways, thanks for your time!



PS: if anybody wants dynamat, I have some left over pieces and the other 10x10 sheet so just PM me and we can talk about that too. It easily goes for $15+ for the pair of 10x10 sheets which I needed less than half of haha.

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For Sale or Trade: $160 (USD)
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