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For Sale:
FS: Brainwavz Delta

Will Ship To: United States

Hi everyone,


I have finally decided to sell my Deltas. There is nothing wrong with the headphone, but they just aren't for me. They haven't been used much at all, and look new. I preordered them from MP4NATION, and everything is included. I am looking for roughly 15 dollars, and I'll throw in a pair of M6 bi-flange tips for an extra cost (maybe 3-5 dollars or so). Free shipping, but I'll be using the cheapest shipping method. If tracking isn't too expensive, I'll pay for it; if it it seems too expensive to me, I won't be paying for tracking. If you want a specific shipping method or tracking, you will have to pay the extra cost. Before I ship these, I will check the more expensive shipping prices/tracking options in case someone would like to get them quicker. I would like to also use paypal for this transaction.


I included a picture of everything that will be included minus the bi-flange tips. I will only include those for an additional price.


Please note that this is my first post, so hopefully I didn't leave anything out. Please let me know!