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Sony MH1 sound problem

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Firstly, sorry for stating a new thread since I had a thread yesterday.


I just bought Sony MH1 headphones and I have a puzzling and annoying problem. The sound is VERY crappy unless I hold down the button which, I presume, is used to answer calls. When I hold down that button, the sound is simply amazing! What is also confusing is that these headphones work perfectly fine on my computer, without the need to have that button pressed down. 

Both my (Samsung GS2) and my brother's (Samsung Galaxy Ace) phone have this problem. I've yet to test them on my dad's iPhone...


Are the headphones broken right out of the box? Are they somehow incompatible with Samsung?

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This is normal behaviour for MH1, if you got the MH1C then most likely it would work as intended.  It is all explained under the heading "Variation and Confusion" in the following review:


Basically you would need to buy TRRS smart adapter to solve it.  I seem to recall that other people have tried duct tape or a paper clip to hold down the button permanently if you don't want to buy the adapter.

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I used that clip I got with the headpones (the one used for clipping the cable to the clothes) and it worked fine, but it was very impractical since that clip is very easy to lose. Also, I've returned the headphones yesterday, got my money back and will be buying mh1c soon. 


Btw, Thank you very much for clearing that up for me. :)

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