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Koss PRODJ 100 vs Fostex t50rp vs KRK KNS 8400 vs HF5 vs RE400

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The application is for streaming gaming audio, so isolation is a requirement, even though it might hurt the soundstage. I am going to be using Polk 6750s for music, movies, and most gaming, and closed circumaurals (which I've found are generally, although not exclusively, superior in comfort to circumaurals) when I am streaming game play to avoid sound leakage and feedback spikes from open sets. Since the application will be limited to games and not music, I'm looking for a solution that has above average bass prominence, and overall neutrality otherwise.


These headphones are recommended as entry level headphones, but then there's the reviews...


Closed Headphones

(2) Koss PRODJ 100, $50-$80. Solid build quality, coiled cable, and folds for portability. Natural, clean, sound.

Circumaural. Dynamic.

($105 from what I found) The reviews say the bass is weak, the mid’s are too pronounced, and they’re uncomfortable.


(2) Fostex t50rp, $75-$130. Great build quality and cheap orthos, huge modding community behind it and a removable cable. Neutral sound with excellent clarity.

Circumaural. Orthodynamic Planars.

Reviews say their treble is flat, the headband and ear cups are uncomfortable, and it requires modding to get bass that isn’t weak.

(2) KRK KNS 8400, $120-$150. Accurate and detailed. Good lows, good mids, good highs. Detachable cable and accurate.

Circumaural. Dynamic

Reviews keep saying the headband is uncomfortable, the low-mids and bass are bad, and the highs are too pronounced.

The other recommendations in the post mention other similar weakness or over-pronounced quality to the audio. 

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I'm going to go through the IEH section and see if any aren't failures. I'm looking for neutral, analytical sound, and if they can support accurate bass and sub-bass without being overpronounced and overwhelming the mids and low-mids.



(2-m) Meelectronics A161p/Fischer SBA-03, $90. Well balanced, clear, and detailed sound, good musicality. Well extended frequencies with good isolation. #1, #2, #3


People say they aren’t neutral, and have too pronounced bass. ($51)



(2) Etymotic HF5, $90-$150. Excellent isolation with a rather neutral/natural sound. Anemic, yet punchy, bass, clear/detailed and neutral mids and sparkling highs. Very analytical and detailed. #1, #2, #3


Has microphonics in the cable. Weak bass, one person said weak highs.($94)



(2) HiFiMan RE-400, $100. The new iteration of the much loved RE0. Dry bass, but excellent mids and detailed highs. Great budget buy for those who want clear and detailed IEMs. #1, #2, #3


Weak to zero sub-bass. ($99)




Not listed in the round up:

Consonance ($67)



RE272: More neutral than the RE400.

Weak bass.


The HF5's and RE-400's have the largest fan-bases. The weak sub-bass comment makes me think the HF5's would be better with bass and isolation than the RE-400's once the earplug-tips mod is applied. It doesn't matter how good the audio is if every time I'm shifting around in my chair I'm getting microphonics from the HF5's though. 

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